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Use our links to make informed health choices

These trusted sites specialise in evidence-based science, health and wellness

Dr Joseph Mercola, DO, MD, has been reporting on medical discoveries and natural health for more than 40 years, and averages two feature articles a day. His video interviews with health experts sharing their medical and scientific expertise even come with free summaries and transcripts.

GreenMedInfo is not just for physicians, healthcare practitioners and researchers. It also gives consumers open access to indexed and rated journal articles to determine the therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods. An amazing resource.

Can gluten sensitivity go away? This is one of the many questions about leaky gut and food intolerance tackled by Dr Peter Osborne on this membership-based website. But the resources in most cases are free, and Dr Osborne hosts a weekly You Tube nutrition webinar with Q&A.

One of the biggest free online collections of science-based information on natural and alternative health.

  White Tiger Qigong

Harmonising body, breath, mind and spirit – that’s the practice of White Tiger Qigong, now taught to a willing Australian public by sports scientists such as Sarah Divine. The coordinated breathing and deep strengthening and stretching exercises improve one’s mobility, flexibility and mental outlook. Join in at